Step By Step

*Step 1


Choose your Friend

*Choose your favourite new friend.

*Step 2

Love ‘n’ stuff your Friend

*Open the Velcro and pull out the internal pouch. Insert the stuffing material a little at a time. Begin by stuffing the legs, arms and joints first and finish with the stomach area.

*Step 3

Make a Wish

*Place the star inside the pouch once the stuffing is complete and make a wish upon a star by closing you eyes and making that wishful wish.

*Step 4

Love ‘n’ stuff your Friend

*Tie down the pouch with the attached strings. Push the pouch into the teddy and close the Velcro right on top of it. Press a little to make sure it’s firmly closed.

*Step 4

Dress up Timestrong

*Now you are ready to dress it up. Visit our clothing boutique.

*Step 6

Design your Friend

*You can design the T-shirt to dress up your new friend. You can draw on the T-shirt with fabric markers, glue and/or paint on it. Use your imagination to create something special for your new friend.

*Step 7


*Use our accessories section to add shoes, caps, T-shirt & etc to your new friend.

*Step 8

Name your Friend

*Fill in your certificate with the name of your new friend.

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